Our Companies

Bad Dragon

Bad Dragon is a fantasy adult toy manufacturing company, selling directly to consumers over the internet. Using high quality, platinum-cure silicone for all of its products, Bad Dragon is dedicated to producing the highest quality silicone adult toys on the market.

Bad Dragon EU

Bad Dragon EU is an international distributor of all of our companies' products and services within Europe.


Dragonfruit is a full service online marketing, printing and web development company. Incorporating an advertising network, an in-house print service provider and a wide variety of website development resources, Dragonfruit produces high quality, commercially successful websites for both internal and external projects.

Feral Industries

Feral is a high-end retail boutique supplier, focusing on personal accessories and lifestyle products. Its focus is to provide high quality goods at an affordable price.

Desert Fox Silicone

Desert Fox is a contract silicone supplier, dedicated to specialist uses of silicone rubber, plastics and other advanced materials including carbon fiber and composites.